Visual Artist

Silver QIAN

Solo Exhibition

Light and heavy 

The emotions left on

 The hands unintentionally

Rough texture

Gloomy light and dark

Changeable shape

 Shaping the haze from emotions



QIAN Yinxiao, Silver

QIAN explored her art with various materials and directions like ink, illustration and objects to express her view.

For ink, she interworks with various materials to extend the possibility and create the new context of the traditional medium. The practice of the work combines Chinese ink and abstraction to express emotion and thinking with life. Which is dissimilarity with traditional Chinese painting that it involved in religion and appreciation for nature, but the personal emotion of the artist is vague. Her work playing diverse brushstrokes and textures which are through the various movements to convey the emotion from the mind. Based on abstract visual language to establish void and solid, space which is the path to communicate with the audiences.

For illustration, she applies it to develop some lively works and projects. She created own character call Cheng Tau Yan (井頭人), which combine Hong Kong and foreign building together. This is her project that applies it to the postcard to exchange with people all over the world.

For objects, the clay has the characteristics of the record which is the point to attract her to develop the works. Any traces and marks are displayed on the clay with the press. The mutual and traces between the clay which can express inexplicable emotions and the thinking from the mind.


Rm L5-19, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei


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